When you release a new song, where you send your music? How do you promote it? Do you just upload it and hope for the best?

We all know that Spotify is one of the leading musical platforms in the world today and to get exposure for new listeners, you need to be seen in various of Spotify playlists. The more playlists features your song, the bigger is the chance that you get the exposure and fans that you truly want.

We have created a Spotify Directory for you who are an independent music label or artist.

We have helped artists around the world get more real streams, more listeners and a bigger fan base through our Spotify promo packages.

Some aritsts we've helped is: Bahjat, Lucas Estrada, Albin LoánYou in Mind, Koni and many more.

We cannot guarantee that all the playlist owners will add your song into their playlist, but we do guarantee the contact. 

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With these contacts we have helped artists around the world gain over 70.000.000 streams worldwide.



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