We at Warble Music provides high quality professional music & vocal editing, syncing & mixing services at competitive rates. We mix all the genres and vocals. 
Both our producers & engineers has over 10 years experience if editing, correct, time and mixing vocals and music. 


Melodyne, a tool like no other. We at Warble Music will melodyne your vocals. What we do is that we pitch, time & sync your vocals to fit your production perfectly with your natural voice flavor. This is something needed if you want high quality vocals in your song to be played in Radio or TV. 


To offer customers the greatest possible artistic overview and control, Warble Music also offers mastering. The impact mastering makes on the balance of the mix can be easily adjusted. You get rid of the unpleasant surprises that mastering at a later date can give rise to. You also save a lot of money and valuable time when you do not have to visit another mastering studio.

Since every song & project is different, there is no price tag. We have to listen first and we also have to know how many stems you have.
Please, remember to inactivate all the effects (compressor, reverb, delay) before bouncing out your stems. Also remember to bounce in WAV 44.1 / 24 Bit


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